• Hair Color Hair Color

    A lineup of gentle hair coloring agents providing beautiful luster and color.

  • Perm Perm

    A lineup of gentle perming agents providing the perfect perm to match your style - from flowing waves to ridged waves.

  • Hair Care Hair Care

    A lineup of hair care items tailored for a diverse range of hair damage levels, ages and other needs.

  • Styling Styling

    Enhanced salon creativity with the functionality and quality to create any trend or style.

  • Herb Magic Herb Magic

    Herb Magic is about adding value to beauty and helping salons nurture both hair and health.

  • Landcare Landcare

    Landcare has been developed to fulfill the desire, felt by so many, for healthy, full and beautiful hair combined with reliable scalp and skin care.

  • Moture Moture

    Moture skin care cultivates and conditions your skin to restore its moist, youthful vitality.