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For a great day, every day, get your hair into the On/Off habit! 
Whether it's an "On" day and you're pressed for time,
or it's an "Off" day and you feel like a change, your style is set.
Everything washes out easily, leaving your hair delighted.
Feel good every day; be exceptional every day.

  • Noffy  Nuance Milk

    Noffy Nuance Milk

    A bit of sex appeal with a single pushOil + Nuance Wax styling combined into a single bottle. A long-lasting wet texture and glossy sheen without stickines

    85g (1,600 yen)

  • Noffy  Noffy Form Make Spray

    Noffy Noffy Form Make Spray

    Take your hair iron styling to the next levelNo brittleness, no heaviness, easily curled. Making up and keeping your natural hair texture; that gap is the focus.

    180g (1,300 yen)

  • Noffy  Arrange Wax

    Noffy Arrange Wax

    For a calculatedly loose hairstyleCreate the sort of elegantly gathered, yet beautifully disarrayed, hair style that the skillful stylists can achieve.

    80g (1,300 yen)

  • Noffy  Hard Wax

    Noffy Hard Wax

    Go from morning until night without any greasiness. Keep a light and matted style the whole day through. Also washes out smoothly.

    60g (1,300 yen)

  • Noffy  Hold Spray

    Noffy Hold Spray

    Achieve your target style and keep itQuick-drying and non-sticky with a light appearance but powerful hold.

    180g (1,300 yen)

  • Noffy  Gloss Spray

    Noffy Gloss Spray

    Natural, lustrous hair in a single strokeHas a light, non-sticky feel that leaves hair pleasantly pliable and with a natural, lasting luster.

    180g (1,300 yen)

  • Noffy  Noffy Wave Make Foam

    Noffy Noffy Wave Make Foam

    For a perm-style simple remakeA light and airy foam which creates resilient waves that hold their shape.
    Maintains the style without hardening.

    220g (1,300 yen)

*All prices shown exclude tax.